Teva puts carers in the spotlights for ‘Love doesn’t take a break’ by VCCP Health

VCCP Health is doing its best to create a “brand purpose” for Israeli firm Teva Pharmaceuticals with a new campaign showing a frazzled carer who valiantly manages to retain her sense of humour – most of the time.

According to VCCP, 12,000 people join the ranks of unpaid carers in the UK every day, so it’s a good audience to tap into, and the TV ad is backed up by a “Life Effects” portal where caregivers can go to share advice and experiences, as well as to find practical help.

Brett O’Connor, ECD at VCCP Health, said: “With around one in two people globally acting as unpaid carers, the number of people that this story will resonate with is huge. The film is a real and raw portrayal of a caregiver, and as hard as that role can be, there are beautiful moments that make being a caregiver so worthwhile.”

Pharma advertising is big business – all the networks are building up their healthcare advertising divisions – and creatively it’s becoming more recognised, with campaigns like “Sick Beats” breaking out into mainstream categories at Cannes Lions.

It’s quite a challenge to create a brand out of what is essentially a generic medicines manufacturer, but with “Love doesn’t take a break,” VCCP Health has had a good go.

MAA creative scale: 5

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