Sainsbury’s creative contender NCA returns for Tu

The Sainsbury’s creative pitch is probably the most eagerly-awaited of the many around at the moment and New Commercial Arts is the only one of Sainsbury’s current roster to have made the shortlist against Mother and VCCP.

It already handles Habitat and clothing line Tu for Sainsbury’s, which is evidently pleased with what it’s seen so far. Here’s its second bash at Tu.

Bright and perky, as we’ve seen before, and, presumably, doing the business for Tu.

Once upon a time Sainsbury’s produced the odd big budget epic in a seeming attempt to match John Lewis (at Christmas) and Tesco, in the days when it preferred ‘Dolly’ family dramas with Prunella Scales.

Now in a multi-media wonderland retail ads, seemingly, have to work harder – if not, necessarily, more effectively. Doubt that John Lewis will be pushing the boat out this Christmas with money in short supply. It’s just declared a big loss and its borrowings are uncomfortably high.

Sainsbury’s is in much better shape now under a new management team. It may decide that NCA should be part of it.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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