New Pepsi logo uses more black to push low-sugar message

Pepsi has launched a new logo, with claims that it reflects the brand’s “boldness and energy” while magically connecting it to pop culture and being more digital.

There’s a lot more black on the can, deliberately bringing the look more into line with its zero sugar variants. In the UK and Ireland, Pepsi has just reduced the sugar content of its classic drink by 57%, swapping in acesulfame potassium and sucralose – and upsetting a lot of customers in the process.

Coca-Cola has been the market leader since 2004, but since the “cola wars” of the 80s – a competition which arguably made Coke and Pepsi the best marketers in the world at the time – advertising for both Coke and Pepsi has failed to live up to the creativity achieved in that era.

The new Pepsi logo, created in-house, will be rolled out in North America this autumn and in the rest of the world in 2024.

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