Andrew Tate stars as unlikely advocate for equality on International Women’s Day

Misogynist influencer Andrew Tate is championing International Women’s Day in a campaign by Korean-owned Innocean Australia.

The agency has twisted Tate’s words with clever editing to create a pro-women video. He is currently being held in a Romanian jail charged with rape, pornography and human trafficking, but here he is urging men to get involved with IWD events next week.


There’s also a social media campaign with lines designed to appeal to the unreconstructed Aussie male. These include: “Consider your diary clock blocked” and “Men, you know you want to.”

Jasmin Bedir, CEO of Innocean, said: “In the absence of official data, we estimate that male attendance is no higher than 5-10% for actual events, and after an AI analysis of IWD posts or mentions of IWD on LinkedIn, only 17% come from men. On top of it all it’s largely on women to organise the day.”

Bedir is absolutely right that women do most of the DEI heavy lifting. Over to Andrew Tate.

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