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New Accenture Song NCS campaign tries to unravel teenagers for the rest of us

Wasn’t even aware that we had a National Citizen Service, a voluntary organisation for 15-17 year olds it seems, but the mainly government-funded body is trying to put itself on the map with a new campaign from Accenture song (Karmarama as was.)

‘Outdated translated’ tries to upend the assumptions made about teens by their elders and supposed betters, that is, they’re snowflakes who spend their life on TikTok and other non-productive activities.

NCS reckons these traits should be these should be “respected, celebrated and nurtured, as they provide teens with the foundational skills and strengths essential as they transition into adult citizens.” Three influencers have been enlisted for the purpose.

NCS head of marketing June Carter says: “Young people have had fewer opportunities to learn and grow in recent years due to the pandemic. At the same time, they’re very often subject to outdated views that couldn’t be further from the truth. This campaign tackles these misconceptions and shows how NCS can help young people embrace their passions and continue to grow their strengths through their online experiences.”

Accenture Song CCO Nik Studzinski says: “Young people have a keen sense of smell. They can sniff out anything remotely inauthentic or insincere. That’s why we’ve created a campaign with genuine empathy to the outdated way they’re sometimes spoken to and treated, by society. Using influencers that they relate to reinforces this tone and makes sure our audience feels their passions are represented in a positive light.”

Teenagers (calling them Generation Z probably doesn’t help) are often misunderstood although it was ever thus. This campaign actually makes a pretty good fist of explaining them to the rest of the world although we could probably have done with a bit more.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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