Modern Britain is all about surfing, street art and festivals in new tourism campaign

“Come see things differently” is the name of the new campaign from VisitBritain, which aims to show that the country is more than just cups of tea, red buses, and Big Ben.

Timed to capitalise on the King’s coronation and Eurovision Song Contest this year, it’s a nostalgic, Monty Pythonesque creative effort that relies on all the above tropes to tell the story while “spilling the tea” on alternative activities the UK has to offer.

A deeper dive into the campaign reveals a regional emphasis that takes in Newcastle, Liverpool, Essex, Scotland and Wales. The destinations seem to have been chosen for their distinctive accents as much as for their tourist attractions.

Now that it looks like we could possibly have a breakthrough with Europe, VisitBritain’s alternative take on the UK might hit home. The £10m budget is targeted at the US, Canada, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, France, Germany and Spain.

MAA creative scale: 6

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