Commit to nothing. Mother and DJ Khaled celebrate enjoyment over endurance for Dubai’s Sun & Sand

Dubai seems to be providing Mother with a rich stream of high budget creative opportunities. After last year’s tourism campaign featuring some huge stars, we now have DJ Khaled, a big US rapper/producer/DJ/entrepreneur, promoting Dubai’s Sun & Sand Sports.

It’s a very lighthearted demonstration of all number of sports, persuading us convincingly that you don’t need to be any good, just give it a go. Lots of mock Instagram-style life advice is doled out along the way.

The ad – directed by Dave Meyers who is known for high end commercials for as well as music videos for the likes of SZA, Megan Thee Stallion, and Harry Styles – is running in six markets across the Middle East, where Sun & Sand Sports has 20 stores. There’s also plenty of OOH and social media, along the same lines.

Mohamed Bodiat, SVP brands for Sports at GMG said: “Over the years, Sun and Sand Sports has evolved from focusing on pure performance to a brand that makes sports fun for everyone. With that in mind, we want our campaign to be a catalyst that inspires our community to try everything. DJ Khaled embodies the spirit of the brand as we continue our journey towards making sports #FunToTheFinish.”

Martin Rose, creative director at Mother, said: “It was refreshing to have a global sports house approach us wanting to rewrite the script completely. For decades, the prevailing sports narrative has been about the hustle of the game, accompanied by high fitness standards. With this, we’re applauding fun, celebrating the joys of not being the best and embracing the uncommitted.”

You couldn’t try out all these sports unless you had DJ Khaled’s budget, but it’s fun to watch the rich at play.

MAA creative scale: 7

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