Cadbury Creme Egg: how do you NOT eat yours?

People who are lucky enough to buy one of Cadbury’s special Creme Eggs – they are half milk chocolate and half white chocolate – must resist eating the egg if they want to claim prize money of up to £10,000.

Some winning eggs were accidentally eaten last year, which inspired VCCP and Cadbury to ramp it up for 2023 by using live winner data to issue public service announcements informing people of exactly where any winning eggs have been found. The accouncements will be made on radio, digital OOH and in-store. There are also two new TV ads.

Lyndsey Homer, brand manager at Cadbury, said: “This campaign encompasses the cheekiness of the brand and encourages people to get involved and have a bit of fun. Helping cure the January Blues, the brand is encouraging the nation to see if they have what it takes to resist a tasty Creme Egg.”

Jonny Parker and Chris Birch, ECDs at VCCP London added: “Last year this campaign outraged Creme Egg fans across the country and we’re excited to bring it back. We’re tracking every winner as they’re found, so you’ll even be warned if one’s been found in your local corner shop in Kidderminster. Surely no-one else will accidentally eat one this year…”

Those eggs do look very tempting, and the ads build the suspense nicely.

MAA creative scale: 6.5

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