Wonderhood shines spotlight on loneliness in annual Christmas film

Wonderhood Studios, which doubles up as a film and TV production company, makes a Christmas film every year, this time in support of Samaritans highlighting loneliness. Apparently four million Brits are now classed as chronically lonely, which makes Christmas even more of an ordeal.

Written by Sofie Saietz and Simone Weilborg and directed by Theo James Krekis for Knucklehead.

Samaritans’ Matthew Gray says: “We are living in uncertain times and the world has become, for many, a very worrying place. The impact of the global pandemic, as well as concerns around the cost-of-living crisis, is affecting many people.

“We are delighted that Wonderhood Studios have chosen to raise money and awareness for Samaritans. Every 10 seconds, our volunteers respond to a call for help and it’s thanks to the amazing support of organisations like Wonderhood Studios that our volunteers can continue to be there for anyone struggling to cope, anytime of day or night.”

Charming, stylish and pertinent.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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