Who is the Elon Musk of adland? Wonderhood “bursts the adland bauble” on Twitter

Wonderhood has had the genius idea of analysing adland’s performance on Twitter in 2022 in a book called “Bursting the Adland Bauble.”

Who is the biggest self-publicist? Who got the most likes? Which emojis are the most popular? Who tweets in the middle of the night? Which brands are the most discussed?

Uncommon – it won’t be a surprise to hear – has a supersized share of voice on Twitter. Only global giants Ogilvy, R/GA and WPP tweeted more in 2022, while Nils Leonard and co far out-tweeted bigger UK rivals such as adam&eveDDB and VCCP.

Again, not a surprise – but it’s fun to see it in visual form – that the most popular emoji is the trophy and the most popular words include “chuffed,” “creative,” “work” and “change.”

Apple, Nike, Burger King and Cadbury are among the most discussed brands in adland, but Wonderhood also dives into the real world, where the conversation is very different: Specsavers, Asda, Greggs and Starling Bank get more traction there.

Surprisingly modest agencies include Mother and New Commercial Arts, who both barely registered in the pie chart of 45 adland accounts. Perhaps they’re over on TikTok.

Next year, if the Twitter decline continues, we could get a LinkedIn analysis instead. Might not be as much fun.

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