Samsung and Mother ‘get lucky’ with Nile Rodgers & TikTok

Mother’s new campaign for Samsung is a series of four, ten-minute documentaries in which music legend Nile Rodgers (known for his own band Chic as well as his work with David Bowie, Madonna, Daft Punk etc) gets together with up and coming artists.

Inevitably, they both have a lot to teach each other, and the idea is that in the process, Samsung is positioned as being “at the heart of future technology and creativity.”

The campaign also makes use of StemDrop, a new TikTok platform that allows users to create their own versions of tracks by famous artists using the “stems” of the song — such as the bass, piano and lyrics.

James Sellick, creative director at Mother, said: “Our young, TikToking, bedroom-rocking, million-view-clocking musicians learnt a lot more from Nile (after all, he is Nile Rodgers), we also found that inspiration runs both ways, with Nile learning more than a few things about the intricacies of cutting through the chaos in 2022. This combination of talent and experience makes for compelling viewing.”

Annika Bizon, marketing and omnichannel director at Samsung Electronics UK, said: “The technology revolution, especially enabled by smartphones, has opened music up to the masses like never before. In effect, we all now have a music studio in our pocket… embracing long form content allows us to showcase the role of our Galaxy Z Flip4.”

MAA creative scale: 6.5

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