Nils Leonard is working with Radiohead’s drummer. Has he outgrown advertising?

Uncommon founder Nils Leonard clearly likes hanging out with rock stars. First he was on stage at Cannes with Iggy Pop, then he made a documentary with Nick Cave – and now it’s a music video for Radiohead’s Philip Selway.

The video for Selway’s single, “Check for signs of life,” lists Uncommon Creative Studio as the production company and was directed by William Williamson, best known for his commercials and music videos.

Leonard said: “Uncommon has set out to matter from day one and we have been very intentional with the energy and ambition of our productions. With Nick Cave’s ‘This Much I Know To Be True’ and our second feature ‘In Camera’ about to launch — we wanted our first music video to be meaningful and to speak to something larger than just the music. Working with Philip and his team to communicate his beautiful work was a privilege.”

Advertising’s very own rock star manqué has got to be admired for putting himself out there with his heroes. And for finding the time to do it when he has demanding clients like B&Q and British Airways to look after.

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