Gousto recipes ‘steals the show’ as Mother serves up movie-themed ads

Dinner takes centre stage in Mother’s new campaign for recipe delivery service Gousto. Launching on Christmas Day, it shows Gousto’s meals upstaging the dramatic on-screen performances in a costume drama.

The outdoor work creates headlines that apply to both film genres and Gousto dishes (, while the radio takes on the language of movie trailers. Media is by the7stars.


Anna Greene, VP brand, insights & strategy at Gousto, said: “Steal the Show is giving dinner its rightful place back as the evening’s headline attraction and getting people to turn their attentions away from the telly. This isn’t just about winning in the recipe box category, we’re staking our claim on dinnertime.”

Matt Tanter, Mother’s head of strategy, said: “Over the past few years the question of ‘what’s for dinner?’ has been overshadowed by ‘what shall we watch?’ in many households. With modern life seeing us slumped on the sofa, Netflix and an uninspiring bowl of whatever. Steal the Show wants to put dinner back at top billing.”

MAA creative scale: 6.5


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