Aviva hacks its way through the financial undergrowth

Adam&eveDDB is finishing 2022 in storming style, its funny Twix ad is leading our leaderboard on My Ad of the Year, with Calm closely behind, and another triumph for John Lewis in the bag.

Insurance is hardly likely to get them rolling in the aisles or tap the tear ducts but making the labyrinth of financial services understandable, even friendly, is no mean feat either. Which the agency does here for Aviva.

The second phase of the campaign will launch in the new year with OOH, Social & Print to drive deeper engagement with ‘Making it Click’ in relevant contexts.

Aviva brand director Phoebe Barter says: “We understand that financial matters can be puzzling, particularly in the current climate, which is why puzzles are such a brilliant concept to bring this campaign to life. It’s natural to feel concerned or overwhelmed by things we find complex and confusing.

“At Aviva we want to help people get to grips with financial matters – whether people want to make sense of their pension pots or understand how much cover they need for their home or their family. We know that when things are resolved and clear, it’s a huge weight off our minds, so it’s our goal to help our customers “make it click.”

A&E CD Richard McGrann says: “In today’s financial climate, people’s relationship with their money has never been more complicated. This campaign is a visually arresting dramatization of people’s relationship with their finances and the simple ways Aviva can help manage them.”

Money well spent.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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