Heathrow and Paddy Power row in on Christmas ads

What’s this – a feelgood ad from Heathrow Airport? Thank goodness Thames Water left it too late choosing an agency (VCCP) to wish us all temporary traffic lights.

Heathrow’s many fans will be diverted by a tale from St. Luke’s featuring an obviously well-heeled couple embarking on a Christmas trip, without the kids for the first time. As ever with these things there’s a twist.

Heathrow chief commercial officer Ross Baker says: “At Heathrow we work year-round to ensure that our passengers can travel across the globe to reunite with their loved ones. Colleagues across Heathrow will be working hard to make sure that millions of people can get away for their festive holidays.

“We hope our Christmas advert shares the joy we feel when our passengers create these special memories at the airport. For many passengers, Christmas starts at Heathrow, with over 250 retailers and restaurants to enjoy before they jet off to one of the 200 destinations available for some holiday joy.”

Think we’ll pass on that. But St Luke’s, as usual, steers a steady course. And it’s a good twist.

MAA creative scale: 7.

Paddy Power is trying to work up some enthusiasm for the World Cup with a free bet offer and more Peter Crouch, who’s getting rather over-familiar these days.

Tricky when your usual tone of voice and voiceover is over the top anyway and the Qatar World Cup isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

“Where were you in ’22?” it screams. PP and agency Droga5 don’t expect England (or Wales) to win it do they?

Apparently lots of pubs will go bust if one or both of the home countries fail to reach the latter stages, thereby boosting sales in chilly pub gardens. No pressure there then.

Could have stayed at home really.

MAA creative scale: 3.

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