Gatorade and Adidas: whatever you say about the World Cup it’s certainly Messi

Is football in danger of overstaying (and over-pricing) its welcome? The Qatar World Cup has divided opinion, to put it mildly, with most people accepting Qatar was chosen in a money-soaked fix.

But if you’re a sports or sport-related brand you have to do something. But do you? Might it not be better to keep schtum this time round.

After all, when you don’t want to mention the venue or show fans having a good time (because they may well not) what’s left?

A G.O.A.T of course (Greatest of All Time) Lionel Messi, that is. And he’s everywhere.

Here he is for Gatorade, being lauded as such, by TBWA presumably.

It’s OK, Leo’s acting seems to have improved but needed to. But is being a Leo just about the right sports drink-induced mindset? As for G.O.A.T status Argentine fans might disagree anyway, preferring one D. Maradona.

MAA creative scale: 5.

Then we have Adidas, definitely by TBWA (do they have Leo on speed dial?)

This one has Stormzy teaming up with the lads as they set off to…well we know where to but there’s a notable absence of camels and other desert attractions.

Let’s be charitable and give it 6. At least they tried.

PS Leo had better win it this time or no G.O.A.T.

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  1. Even though he don’t have to prove anything,, it would be nice to see the goat lift the worldcup. Watched football for 60 years. Never seen a better player.

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