BBH delivers a well-researched PPB for Tesco

Tesco has ploughed its own furrow with BBH, to some effect, and here’s a UK Christmas ad with, wait for it, an idea.

Namely that Tesco has designated itself ‘The Christmas Party’ so we get a party political broadcast. Based on research (well its politics after all) that 87% of people say Christmas brings them joy (whatever their circumstances presumably) while 36% saying this one is more important than ever before, despite the gloomy economic environment.

A neat framing device for the mince pies and pigs in blankets.

Tesco chief customer officer Alessandra Bellini says: “It’s very important that our seasonal campaigns reflect how our customers genuinely feel and what we know they are looking for. We understand that it is a tough time at the moment with everyone’s finances under pressure, but we also know that people are looking forward to Christmas – in fact, our research shows that there is even more excitement around it than usual.

“This is why we decided to officially stand up for joy this Christmas. Through our campaign, we take a look at those moments during the festive period that unite us all – including the delight of eating delicious desserts, sitting around a table together with loved ones, movie nights in our PJs and even the inevitable confusion around bin day – to put a smile on people’s faces as we prepare for a season of meaningful celebrations.

“We want to help everyone enjoy the best bits of Christmas, no matter their budget, and so we’ve also included just some of our many little helps that will make your money go further.”

Would have been better without the enforced merriment (advertisers can’t help themselves) although the sour review of ‘Love Actually’ helps.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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