Adam&eveDDB pulls out all the stops for National Lottery

Adam&eveDDB has hit a rich vein of form this Christmas, it’s as though all the ads they’ve wanted to make all year have finally come around: John Lewis, Waitrose and now a ‘Christmas Love Story’ for the National Lottery.

Our two would-be lovers finally get together, although they take their time about it with credulity stretched to breaking point – but not quite.

Is it a spin on ‘Love Actually?’ Sure I’ve seen that some time although it clearly didn’t make a great impression.

Credulity? Well how come she gets a train at short notice on New Year’s Eve? Nice touch, though, that they have to sit on the floor.

New National Lottery operator Allwyn takes over in 2024 and the account is off to VCCP so maybe this is a swansong of sorts. Who’ll get the job next Christmas?

MAA creative scale: 8.

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