Now it’s Halloween Horror Dolls from hyperactive BT

BT seems to have been re-energised since landing at Saatchi & Saatchi (not before time you might say) and now it’s following its Broadband Nightmares campaign with a Halloween offer of “fully functional and custom wifi controlling Horror Dolls,” which you might think you don’t need although BT clearly differs.

So it’s signed up what it calls two of the UK’s “leading TikTok families,” the Harfins and Famileighs (is this a joke?) They have three million TikTok followers between them it seems.

BT Group head of brand Julie Wilkin says: “The need for a back up connection and a network you can rely on rarely feels more important than during the school holidays. The campaign celebrates our unbreakable Hybrid Connect broadband, and employs light-hearted creative to highlight the importance of a back up connection you can rely on.”

Saatchi ECD William John says: “It doesn’t get much scarier than having a broadband nightmare these days. So we took the characters from our TVCs and made them into freaky dolls that can either block your wifi or boost it, with a 4G mobile connection. Then we put them into the hands of some of the UK’s leading influencers for the ultimate trick or treat this Halloween.”

MAA creative scale: search me..

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