Netflix gears up for basics ad launch

Netflix is launching its “basic with adverts” package in early November, £4.99 per month in the UK which brings you most of the shows. The ads are 15 seconds and 30 seconds to begin with, although one suspects this may change. Microsoft is handling advertising.

Netflix numbers have dropped as the pandemic recedes (for now) and other competitors, most recently Paramount Plus, have piled into an already crowded streaming market.

According to UK TV measurement service Barb, which Netflix has signed up to, Netflix has an 8.2% share of total viewing, ahead of Amazon Prime Video (3.6%) and Disney+ (3%.) So a pretty substantial market to aim for – potentially.

Sooner or later some of these streaming channels will merge. In the meantime they will be doing marketing deals where they can, including Netflix with BT, here promoted by the enduringly wonderful Gillian Anderson in her Sex Education guise.

Netflix ads may be a lifeline some some creative agencies as, presumably, the requirement will be for top of the range work – to match the programmes – rather than the schlock that appears on most digital channels. Some testing 15 seconds await.

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