MAA ad of the week: ‘A British Original’ for BA by Uncommon

For services to copywriting – and for proving that a word can paint a thousand pictures – Uncommon Creative Studio’s first work for British Airways is this week’s pick. There are already 500 ads in the campaign and you get the feeling that there are many more being written in travellers’ minds at every moment of every day.

The campaign launch was perhaps the biggest moment in the five-year history of the agency, which won the flagship account from the mighty grip of WPP. It’s a brave campaign for the client to buy and the work has impressed the creative industry no end. Now if it can just restore BA’s status as “the world’s favourite airline,” it’s a winner.


One Comment

  1. I guess we like what we like but I fail to see the reason for such enthusiasm over this work. As any strategist worth his or her salt would tell you, this is category sell. So there are a million reasons for traveling, we all know that. Where’s the reason to choose BA instead of another airline? The skies are a pretty competitive place. This campaign seems to adopt what is a common fallacy these days, that we will choose a brand that simply points out the obvious and, perhaps, makes us smile. It’s a little harder than that, I think. It’s always been harder than that. This campaign may appeal to much younger targets…but is that where the money is for BA? I doubt it. As for “A British Original” – I’m not sure what that even means. One final point, this may be a campaign that appeals to the British but falls flat to an international audience (I’m a Brit who has lived in the USA for thirty years). But even within the UK, I think this is being applauded a little too much as being great advertising. It’s merely good, at best. Time will tell if it helps BA.

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