Domino’s tackles the cost of living with help from a hapless desert island trio

VCCP’s latest “Domino-oh-hoo-hoo” ad is set on a desert island, where a trio of castaways are so excited to get a pizza delivery that they miss their chance to escape.

The campaign is tied to a 50% off deal, which may be incentive enough to buy Dominos, but VCCP is continuing to build the brand as well – and will be running the work until December 13th.

Harry Dromey, marketing director at Domino’s, said: “Domino’s original yodel campaign struck a chord with the pizza-eating public. We are evolving the campaign to respond to consumer confidence being on the floor. Getting cash-strapped consumers to part with their money is increasingly difficult, so we need to demonstrate the value we offer through having great service, irresistible pizza, at a compelling 50% off. We hope that message lands in a way that will bring a smile to people’s faces.”

Like many VCCP campaigns, this one has started to embed itself in the national consciousness.

MAA creative scale: 7

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