Budweiser kicks off World Cup bid – with own goal

The Qatar World Cup is almost upon us – another disaster waiting to happen surely – and official beer Budweiser is out of the blocks with Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr and Raheem Sterling entering the arena via the tunnel.

All three (from different countries) at the same time: have FIFA changed the rules? And someone opens a bottle of Bud – in the tunnel? Can you even drink beer in Qatar?

From Wieden+Kennedy (an agency that’s made the odd good World Cup ad in its time.)

Complete bollocks. What were they thinking of?

MAA creative scale: 1.

(‘Everybody wants to rule the world’ isn’t bad after the ghastly din at the start.)


  1. What a shitty spot. As I say on AdScam… Is the “Nuns Piss” even beer when in the final shot you see someone opening the bottle cap with a finger? And what the fuck are all those people on motor bikes doing in the tunnel?

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