Wieden+Kennedy rises to the Revolut finance challenge

Knocking down walls often plays well in ads and it’s the connecting theme of Wieden+Kennedy London’s debut for Revolut, which claims to be the world’s first global financial “super app” with 20 million users and 250m transactions a month.

‘Your Way In’ seeks to de-mystify money for ordinary people, good luck with that one.

Revolut global head of integrated media Quentin Luce says: “We’re delighted to share a campaign that speaks to the money underdog. The most rewarding opportunities in money have not been available to most of us. They’ve been too expensive, too complicated or too difficult for us all to access. Revolut changes all of that. Revolut is one simple app that unlocks a world of money that most people never thought possible, and gives people the confidence to make the most of it.

“As we celebrate reaching five million customers in the UK, we want to empower more people to do things they haven’t been able to before, and invite them into a club that’s open to all.”

Lots of financial ads look like decoys – attempts to focus on, say, a given bank’s supposed purpose, distracting you from the mendacity underpinning the business.

W+K has taken a difficult brief and attacked it with gusto.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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