O2 and easyJet find new ways to keep holidaymakers happy

With airport disruptions ongoing, this campaign could be a victim of its own success. O2 and VCCP have set up a very inviting “Roam Freely” lounge at Gatwick airport, where holidaymakers can have a drink, sit around in deckchairs, and put the kids on bean bags in the Disney+ room.

It’s open until 30th September for O2 Priority members (and any friends and family members they are travelling with). As an added bonus, Priority members are also being offered free lounge access at airports globally if their flights are delayed by 60 minutes or more.

Daryn Lawrence, creative director at VCCP London, said: “Instead of airports being a place to begrudge we thought we’d flip the script and allow O2 customers to embrace the magic of travel right at the start with a relaxing lounge, equipped with everything needed to kickstart that holiday feeling. O2 is all about cost-free, hassle free travel and our Lounge is the perfect extension of the Roam Freely promise.”

VCCP has also come up with a novel approach for easyJet, putting together a partnership with Spotify to recommend travel destinations based on your listening habits. The “Listen and book” microsite will be promoted with a campaign across Europe, building on the “nextGen” easyJet positioning.

MAA creative scale: 7

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