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Dentsu claims new VI service can unlock the metaverse

Dentsu Creative is launching what it calls the first virtual identity service that provides brands with a virtual face and personality across multiple platforms – Dentsu VI. Yes, it’s that metaverse (again, sort of) dreamed up by Dentsu Singapore.

Dentsu says by using the latest gaming and film industry motion capture and streaming technology, virtual identities can unlock creative possibilities without real-world human constraints like language, physics, and geography.

CCO Fred Levron says: “The lines between the online and offline world are increasingly blurred, and we’re at the tipping point to see the potential of the Metaverse fully realized. With the live stream market expected to be worth US$274bn by 2027, the scope for brands through Dentsu VI is tantalizing.

“Brands need to show up where their customers are, and we are ready to help our clients invent a future where they can interact with their consumers online as emotively as they could in a bricks and mortar store, at a concert or event.”

Here we go then:

Enterprising from Dentsu Creative, whatever your views of the metaverse.

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