Another textbook example of advertising from McDonald’s and Leo Burnett

McDonald’s has a new loyalty programme – MyMcDonald’s Rewards -and a new UK campaign from Leo Burnett – ‘More Rewarding McDonald’s Moments’ – to go with it. Funny how these things tend to follow price increases (McD’s cheapest burger has gone from 99p to £1.19p.)

The headline film, directed by Max Weiland, shows a trucker on a long journey home collecting McDonald’s Rewards for his partner at various venues. Surprised he could get out of the cab..

McDonald’s has incurred more than its share of controversy over the years but, in the UK at least, Leo Burnett’s genial and gentle campaigns have played a huge part in making the US burger chain a part of the national fabric. Maybe the best long-running client/agency relationship of them all.

(Hope this doesn’t place a curse on them.)

MAA creative scale: 7.


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