Nike gives women’s Euros both barrels – but does it need heavier artillery?

More from Nike’s ‘Never settle, never done’ campaign (another attempt to replicate ‘Just Do It?’), this time from Wieden+Kennedy London.

Nike has often seen the agency at it its best, ‘Nothing beats a Londoner,’ now four years old is probably its best recent(ish) effort.

‘Never settle’ is, of course, a tie-in with the women’s Euros football competition which most of the media (notably the BBC) is majoring on as if they’d never seen a football match before. It’s an almost an offence to aver that you’re not that bothered (whichever sex you are.)

This is a nice enough film and shows women footballers at their athletic best (plus some other sports women) and the bubblegum’s a nice touch.

But don’t we need a bit more?

MAA creative scale: 5.

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