MAA blast from the past: Apple’s the whole working-from-home thing

This may be just two years old (more or less exactly) but let’s hope the whole working-from-home thing (at least the Covid-induced variety) is, indeed, history.

In July 2020 some of us were trying to “staycation,” fearful that we wouldn’t be able to book a seat in the pub or make it into the supermarket as the virus wreaked havoc. We were free of total lockdown, but not very free.

Apple’s stressed out packaging designers seemed to sum it up.

Then we looked forward to the sunlit uplands when everything got back to normal and all (most anyway) was right with the world. For most of us life has mostly reverted to non-Covid normal – and just look at it.

In the UK, at least, it’s a case of a faltering economy, a hobbled and incompetent government, a war in Europe leading to soaring energy prices and rampant inflation. From this perspective 2020 doesn’t look so bad after all.

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