Joint’s CCO Algy Sharman: my Top Tips for Cannes

I’ve never been great at predictions, as my yearly flutter at the Grand National would attest.

Apparently, choosing a jockey based on the colour of his hat isn’t a foolproof strategy.

However, I know slightly more about ads than I do about elite race horses. Or at least I think I do.

So here’s my top three Cannes predictions. Wish me luck.

First up is as close to a sure bet as possible. Channel 4 – Super. Human.

Not only do they have a track record at Cannes every year, but this year’s film is a belter.

It looks and sounds amazing. Beautifully shot by the supremely talented Bradford Young, and the soundtrack is Bugsy Malone’s “So You Wanna Be A Boxer.” What’s not to love?

Superhuman 4Creative

Next up is a very smart idea from Samsung.

How do you convince a loyal iphone user to test out the Android functionality, without them even changing their phone?

The Samsung “iTest.” That’s how.

You could try out everything from web searches to messaging all from the iphone. They even built a game. Genius!

Samsung DDB New Zealand

And finally, we have a fantastic packaging idea from Oreo.

They disguised their new Oreo Thins packaging as Green Giant vegetables, a Ford owner’s manual, Hanes tee shirts, and a Better Homes & Gardens cookbook.

All designed to keep your kids off your beloved treats.

Great thinking that raises a smile, in a normally very boring category.

Oreo The Community Miami

Best of luck to all three contenders.

But given my track record on predictions, let’s hope I didn’t jinx them.



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