Specsavers shows (yet again) that a simple set-up and a selling message work wonders

Oh for a good, 30-second, live action ad with real people in a realistic context – with a dose of gentle humour.

They may be a vanishing breed among the tech savvy, data-sodden denizens of adland these days but Specsavers’ in-house team The Agency has been doing it for years with no sign of running out of gas.

Here’s the latest: ‘Out of Order.’

Specsavers Home Visits is also sponsoring Neighbours on Channel 5 and The Agency’s in-house team of Bertie Rapkin and Jon Morgan have deftly woven together Neighbours footage with a plug for Home Visits. which do what an ident should: make a quick selling point but don’t interrupt the programme too much. A lesson ITV could have learned with its own programme plugs in The Ipcress File the other evening.

Here’s Madge.

And even some off-the-wall billboards, with the help of Manning Gottlieb OMD and Talon Outdoor.

MAA creative scale: a cumulative 9 for showing (over the years) that advertising ain’t as complicated as many agencies try to pretend it is.

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