New Commercial Arts debuts for Alzheimer’s with nameless England football shirts

New Commercial Arts kicked off its relationship with the Alzheimer’s Society with the launch of a “nameless shirt” as part of the charity’s partnership with the Football Association.

England players wore nameless shirts for the second half of the friendly international against Switzerland. The aim was to raise awareness of dementia and Alzheimer’s Society work with the message that football should be unforgettable.

Alzheimer’s Society Kate Lee says: “As the squad walked out in these thought-provoking shirts, we hope it got fans up and down the country to sit up and take note of the reality of living with dementia.

“Football should be unforgettable – I hope it makes a massive impact that ripples from the Royal Box to the stands and into homes across the nation, inspiring people to support our work to raise awareness and reduce stigma and help us make sure no-one faces dementia alone.”

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