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Sports betting: what do tipsters pay attention to when predicting odds?

Advertising is a key method any industry uses to expand. By letting more people know about them through popular media channels, companies involved in a sector can reach a much wider audience. This has certainly been true when it comes to sports betting. This industry is now worth multi-billions per year and is home to some top brands like Betfair and Bet365. It is also a sector which has expanded on a global scale recently, as the legalization of sports betting in many US states shows.

There is no doubt that marketing through popular media channels, such as sports team sponsorship, social media, SEO marketing and TV adverts, has driven sports betting to new levels. It is not just the sportsbooks involved in this industry which use advertising to attract new customers though. Tipster sites use digital marketing techniques to showcase their services and reach a new audience online. If you are looking for the best sports betting odds and tips, services like, (a Norwegian betting portal) are a great place to begin.

Before you use any sort of tipster site though, it pays to know more about them first. While the focus on customer experience in creative agencies is growing fast, it is also something services like this are concentrating on as well. This means that many are easy to navigate, fun to use and well-designed. It is not all about how enjoyable and simple they are to use though, one thing that is also worth learning about is what they look at before predicting odds.

But what might this be?

Head-to-head data

Most tipsters will start here when predicting odds for an upcoming game. Looking at how the two players/teams involved have done when facing each other in the past is a great way to gain an understanding on how things might pan out. Players/teams for example can often have an opponent who they struggle to beat – even if the opponent is not in good form per se.

Recent form

We have mentioned form above and this will come into any tipsters thinking when drawing up odds. The key thing to note though is that it will be recent form from the last few games. No tipster will go back months to look at form because the picture in sports changes so quickly over time. Naturally, a team who is in good recent form will be favored to win more than an opponent who has been doing poorly.

Home and away

Most tipsters also tend to look at which team is playing home and away in an upcoming game. While not all sports involve this, lots do and it is important for these. This is because some teams do better at home, such as this list of soccer teams with best home field advantage, while others do better playing away from their own fans. By taking this into consideration, it helps to make more accurate predictions in terms of odds.

Team news

When it comes to team sports like soccer or football, all tipsters will get the latest team news before producing odds. This data can have a big impact on the likely result and is a major factor in which team might be favored to triumph. But what information in particular might be vital?

The major two factors are injuries and suspensions. If a team has their best players out due to either of these, it will certainly play a part in a tipster’s thinking. It is not just team sports where the latest news has an impact either. Injuries can also play a part in making odds predictions for sports like boxing.

Motivation of each team/player

This is something the average bettor might not think about, but good tipsters certainly will. The truth in sports is that not all teams or players are as up for some games as others. This in turn can lead to them putting less effort in and not getting the result you would usually predict. If a team which is mid-table and has nothing to play for come season end meets a team well below them that is trying to avoid relegation for example, the poorer team might be more motivated to win.

Lots of factors go into drawing up odds predictions

In addition to the above, most tipsters will also look at rankings. If a team which is top of the league is playing one that is bottom, this will naturally influence their decisions. If you plan to start sports betting, then knowing how tipsters predict odds is crucial so you know what to look for when using this kind of service.

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