Wieden+Kennedy wins global financial “superapp” Revolut

Revolut, described as the world’s first global financial “superapp,” has appointed Wieden+Kennedy London as its global ad agency. Revolut launched in the UK in 2015 offering money transfer and exchange. It now has more than 18 million customers around the world making more than 150 million transactions a month.

Revolut has also hired VP growth Antoine Le Nel from King Games to accelerate leadership and global presence and global GM Ankit Khemka from Hello Fresh US to build Revolut’s international brand.

Le Nel says: “There could be no more exciting time to get on board Revolut’s rocket ship as the world looks for better value, more control and more choice in how we manage our money. The last 18 months have seen millions of people looking for speed, convenience and security in how they spend, save, invest and budget every day.

“We focus on informing, serving and delivering products that delight and amaze our community. Put simply, we build things we want to use ourselves, that we are proud to show to our friends and families. Now we want to find the world’s best marketers to help us take our brand to the next level.”

GM Khemka says: “Revolut is a recognised brand across the world with a multi-million global customer base, essentially on the power of an extraordinary product and the organic world of mouth support of its consumer advocates. We are now scaling our brand to showcase the amazing Revolut product, delivering a campaign which is as innovative, disruptive and game-changing as Revolut.”

W+K London MD Helen Andrews says: “Revolut is a remarkable company and we’re very proud to be given the chance to let the world know all about them and launch the brand with a bang. The financial sector is changing at pace and to be involved with a global financial superapp, capable of having such a huge impact, is incredibly exciting.”

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