AKQA beats the odds with new ID for Kingsman film producer Matthew Vaughan

AKQA has teamed with UK film producer Matthew Vaughan (Kick Ass, Kingsman, Layer Cake, Eddie The Eagle, Harry Brown, Rocketman, Stardust) to create a new ident for his studio MARV.

And, reflecting the uncertain nature of the film business which can seem like the roll of a dice , the studio ident is just that: in this case double sixes which is how the dice fell when a final decision on the logo needed to be made.

The logo now features in MARV films, as in the new Kingsman trailer.

AKQA founder and CEO Ajaz Ahmed says: “It’s an incredible privilege and honour to collaborate with Matthew on the new visual identity for his studio MARV. Our aim with the new mark is to express and evoke the essential meaning of MARV’s boundless spirit and imaginative essence. The new identity works beautifully both as a distinctive, original ident and a memorable, playful logo.

“It is simple, adaptable, timeless and unforgettable, with a sense of charm and uniqueness that’s inspired by Matthew’s vision and extraordinarily vibrant body of work.”

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