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Unesco launches confuse-a-cookie kit with DDB Paris

Unesco is launching The Cookie Factory as part of a campaign against the aforementioned online menaces, aimed at persuading its 193 member states to adopt its Recommendation on the Ethics of AI. That is, stop A1-powered cookies spying on us.

Maybe it should have a word with the media buying fraternity too.

With The Cookie Factory you can assume a new identity as you browse the internet by using fake cookies. The Factory also shows you exactly how your data is currently harvested in real time. Browser extension here.

The launch campaign is from DDB Paris with production studio makemepulse.

It’s a nice idea and probably better than waiting for the likes of Google to sort things as such proposals are almost inevitably delayed or watered down. Often by the dear old ad industry.

Although, with the metaverse on the horizon, how many identities can people juggle?

A1 for effort anyway.

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