Sweaty Scrooge finds Christmas spirit lurking in a Peloton, by adam&eveNY

It’s Christmas 2021, and all that stuff about helping other people seems to have gone out the window – for Peloton at least. In a new festive ad by adam&eveNY, Scrooge doesn’t find the Christmas spirit in helping his fellow man, but in a selection of immersive Peloton workouts.

It’s a subversive take on Christmas, but it’s an entertaining ad, thanks to a great performance by Brett Gelman (best known to UK audiences for playing the creepy brother-in-law) and some fun lines, like “Is Scrooge a new man? Without doubt! When your workout’s a joy, it’s a joy to work out.”

Bryant Brennan, SVP of global creative at Peloton, said: “Scrooge is the quintessential embodiment of a holiday killjoy! Working alongside adam&eve, we wanted to bring humour and fun to our holiday campaign by reimagining what Scrooge’s story would look like, if he received Peloton hardware this holiday.Showing in the UK, US, Canada and Germany.

Guess someone else will have to take care of Tiny Tim.

MAA creative scale: 6

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  1. Actually Emma, your last line of this article is exactly why I hate this ad. Sure, its funny to watch Scrooge get fit, but to what end? Just for himself? This ad campaign leaves Scrooge the exact same as he was, narcissistically focused. His joy doesn’t translate outside himself, leaving you with your final statement; “Guess someone else will have to take care of Timmy.” So Scrooge is a more fit version of his awful self? This ad needs a fourth installment to make it worthwhile – a more joyful Scrooge that helps other people feel more joyful. I give this ad a 2 for incomplete creativity.