UK creativity shines in Cannes Lions global rankings

Cannes Lions has released its annual global creativity rankings, and the UK has held up well, earning a top three ranking in four key categories.

As a creative location, the UK ranks just behind the US and ahead of Brazil, while London is the second most creative city in the world, after New York and before of Sao Paulo.

The top two creative directors of the festival are both from the US – from David Miami and FCB Chicago — followed by AMV BBDO’s Jim Hilson and Toby Allen.

The US again won best director, although the UK can claim some credit for this, because Nisha Ganatra’s ranking is down to a UK spot, AMV BBDO’s “Womb stories.” Swedish director Markus Ahlm (“Moldy Whopper”) came second, and UK duo Charlotte Fassler and Dani Girdwood, known as Similar But Different, came third (Publicis “Enjoy before returning”).

Piers Morgan would call second and third place “first and second loser” but as the UK’s influence in the world is waning at a fast pace, it’s good to see that our creative juices are still winning us a place on the global stage.

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