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Influencer marketing under the spotlight thanks to new codes of conduct from ISBA and Alcohol Marketing Alliance

ISBA is launching a new code of conduct for influencer marketing, with three sections aimed at advertisers and brands, talent agencies, and the influencers themselves.

ISBA members have driven the introduction of the code in order to prevent influencers taking payment from brands but not declaring their content as advertising. The aim is that it will become an industry standard.

ISBA director general Phil Smith, said: “At its best, influencer marketing allows for authentic, personalised ads, delivered in a transparent way. However, if done incorrectly, it can cause reputational damage to influencers and brands alike. There is no excuse for failing to disclose when an ad is an ad, or for misleading consumers with photo editing.”

At the same time, the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking has issued a set of global standards for social media influencers, aimed at preventing alcohol marketing from reaching minors.

Members of the IARD include most of the world’s leading beer, wine and spirits producers. For this initiative, they have signed up a list of communications agencies including Dentsu, Engine, Havas, McCann London and Publicis Groupe.

Brands and advertisers are being asked to conduct due diligence on the influencers they work with, to use age-affirmation technology where available, and to promote responsible drinking.

The Advertising Standards Authority has also been working hard to curb influencer fraud by naming and shaming influencers who break the rules.

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