Creature London and ClearScore introduce a ‘modern financial superhero’ after $200m funding

The fintech world is flourishing, and ClearScore, which raised an extra $200 million this summer, is part of a new breed of services that is supposed to make our financial lives easier.

This ad by Creature London does its best to keep matters simple with the memorable line “ClearScore sure,” and a campaign that shows a midlife woman fully embracing the freedom that the app brings, whether that’s by lounging in the hot tub or going viral on TikTok.

Stu Outhwaite-Noel, CCO and founder of Creature, said: “Our modern financial superhero is an invincible heroine armed with her ClearScore app who can just as easily make something trend on TikTok as she can deftly control the fall of thousands of dominoes. Getting to imagine all the ways it’s possible to be ClearScore Sure is as glorious as it sounds.”

Extra points for featuring a midlife woman who is unapologetically having a good time, in an ad that is aimed at a wider audience. This demographic has been badly underserved in advertising, but is getting more and more screen visibility, particularly on Netflix – usually ahead of the curve – with new shows like On the Verge and The Chair.

MAA creative score: 7

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