Vodafone aims to bridge ‘digital divide’ with experiential/Out of Home partnership with Global

More inclusivity as the Paralympics limbers up, Vodafone in the UK is running a campaign with Out of Home owner Global to highlight the digital divide, 6% of people in the UK have no internet access – somewhat surprising after 20 years or so.

So the two have created a supermarket aisle in London’s Leicester Square, with an OOH campaign to match. Visitors will see everyday essentials displayed on supermarket shelves as a way of demonstrating that access to technology and connectivity is as vital in as household necessities.

QR codes will also be displayed for people to find out more about how they can donate their unwanted phones, tablets or laptops to Vodafone’s Great British Tech Appeal for redistribution to young people and families who need them via charity partner Barnardo’s. There’ll be lots of posters in other locations too.

Vodafone UK consumer director Max Taylor says: “We’ve been working hard over the last year to help people without devices and connectivity get online. But digital exclusion remains a huge issue and we’re determined to do more. This activation is about inspiring people to support our mission to connect one million people by the end of 2022.

“We’re delighted to leverage the scale and reach of Global’s portfolio to help highlight the problem and encourage people across the country to get involved and get us one step closer to ending the digital divide.”

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