Adam&eveDDB’s campaign for the Paralympics celebrates the “wonderfully ordinary”

It’s the Paralympics soon following a surprisingly successful Olympics 2020 and we all know what the Paralympics competitors are don’t we? ‘Super. Heroes’ as broadcaster Channel 4 puts it in its current campaign.

Not according to adam&eveDDB’s new ‘#WeThe15’ for the International Paralympic Committee, people with disabilities are “wonderfully ordinary” (like the rest of us.) Accounting for 15 per cent of the world’s population, one billion in all. The film will run throughout global TV coverage.

By Selma Ahmed and Genevieve Gransden, directed by Sam Pilling at Pulse Films.

Charming, powerful and non-preachy at the same time time – which doesn’t happen often in the discussion about inclusivity.

Better than Channel 4’s effort? Looks at the same issue from a different, wider perspective, the agency clearly guessed what would be coming from the broadcaster.

A&E on top form.

MAA creative scale: 9.5.

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