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Louis Vuitton celebrates 200th birthday with video game and non-fungible tokens

It’s French fashion icon Louis Vuitton’s 200th birthday and the celebrations commence with Louis: The Game, which follows Vivienne, a character who travels through a virtual world unlocking stories about the house’s beginnings while collecting non-fungible tokens — presumably to be exchanged for LV goodies at some point.

The original Louis Vuitton made a two-year journey on foot to Paris from his home town of Anchay in eastern France, and became a sought after luggage maker before branching out into NFTs a couple of centuries later.

There are also some unique artworks by 200 “visionaries” using a good old-fashioned Louis Vuitton trunk as a blank canvas. The resulting creations will appear in store windows around the world.

And there’s a novel which tells a fictionalised story about the life of Louis, written by French writer Caroline Bongrand (who also wrote a history of Dior and the screenplay for a new film about another French icon, the Eiffel Tower), which will be available in both French and English from October.

Presumably there are some good old-fashioned fashion parties too, for the double-vaxxed at least.

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