Cadbury’s and VCCP sell new limited edition Wispa Gold Hazelnut bar as an investment opportunity

The art of the sell on social media is often about time-sensitive offers, but VCCP and Cadbury’s have taken this to a new level with a limited edition Wispa Gold Hazelnut bar that is being sold as an investment opportunity to match crypto currency, stocks and gold bullion.

As long as they have a Twitter account, chocolate lovers can buy shares in the new Wispa bars before they even hit the shelves and watch the value rise and fall via social media updates. Although the 69p cost seems to be applicable to both shares and to actual shop prices.

Print ads for the “A new type of gold” campaign have appeared in the financial sections of newspapers, as well as on social, with media by Carat.

Angus Vine, creative director at VCCP, said: ‘It’s been a pleasure to bring some new life into a brand as iconic in British culture as Wispa. Taking more of a creative risk in our approach, by tapping into the recent craze that is crypto, trading and just the general invasion of traditionally stuffy financial worlds by our younger audience. It would have been a lot easier to run a traditional campaign that just raised awareness for our new bar, but it wouldn’t have been as fun.”

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