Cadbury Twirl turns psychic in new campaign by VCCP for Australia and New Zealand

Australian’s love abrasive humour, and VCCP’s ad serves as a suitably droll introduction to a new campaign that plays into the millennials’ love of astrology and fortune-telling.

There’s an app to go with it, which promises to tell your fortune from the intricate pattern inside your Twirl, claiming that that “your future’s in the swirls and curls.” Media is by Wavemaker.

Anthony Ho, associate director equity & partnerships Australia & New Zealand at Mondelez, said: “We needed a global campaign platform that could inject some fun into the brand and engage consumers with Twirl and its distinctive features. The ability to make people stop and look at their chocolate, mid-snack, is an exciting opportunity and has truly made Twirl the hero of its own advertising in this campaign.”

MAA creative scale: 8

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