Mother takes new menswear client Spoke straight onto ITV

Mother has won a pitch against agencies including Droga5 and Joint to be appointed by menswear brand Spoke. The direct-to-consumer business aims to fill the space between off-the-peg and bespoke clothing by offering a non-standard range of sizes and fits.

The first campaign for Spoke, whose products mostly cost under £100, is ready to go. It features a mannequin called Jack who isn’t a standard size, and has therefore been struggling to get work.

Mother’s ad will run during ITV’s Tour De France coverage, thanks to a deal negotiated by Spoke founder Ben Farren as part of ITV’s AdVentures Investment Scheme, a new media-for-equity initiative which includes airtime as well as financial investment.

Spoke is only the second brand to benefit from the scheme – the first company was geolocation app what3words, which is already getting plenty of airtime on morning TV.

An agency spokesperson said: “We all come in many different sizes, so why shouldn’t our trousers? Telling the story of a mannequin – the symbol of standardisation – who was born different to the standard size, felt like a powerful way to highlight this simple truth and Spoke’s answer to the eternal struggle of finding a pair of trousers that actually fit.”

Serial enterpreneur Farren founded the company in 2013, and it has so far attracted around 150,000 customers. He said “This campaign sets up Spoke’s next stage of growth. The story of the right fit doesn’t have to be told in a standard way; in Jack, Mother has found the perfect spokesman to bring that to life.”

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