BBC Creative goes all out in Tokyo 2020 Olympics trailer

This BBC trailer for the Tokyo Olympics is bursting with anticipation and buzz, and depicts a city ready to welcome the athletes of the world on 23rd July, by which time the Euros and Wimbledon will be over and sports fans will be ready to give their full attention to the Olympics.

Despite the joyfulness, you can’t help watching it with a tinge of sadness, thinking about what the Tokyo Olympics might have been, were it not for the lack of spectators and the inevitable stories of athletes and their crews testing positive for Covid.

Tim Jones, BBC Creative Director, said: “Every frame of the film is rich with detail, fully immersing our audience in a Tokyo where the Olympia has already taken over. An Olympics hosted in Tokyo was a real gift — a city rich in pop culture, hosting the world’s most eclectic sporting event. It gave us the opportunity to push our campaign both conceptually and in its execution.”

Japanese artist and designer Fantasista Utamaro helped with the artwork and animation. Directed by Factory Fifteen, a collective made up of Kibwe Tavares, Jonathan Gales and Paul Nichols. The track is by anime composer Kenji Kawai.

MAA creative scale: 8.5

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