After a brawl, it’s agreed that Irn-Bru ‘tastes like magic’ in new campaign by Leith

Leith’s new campaign for Irn-Bru makes a virtue of the fact that it tastes weird. Set in a saloon bar, various characters have different opinions on whether its flavour is more bubble gum or tutti frutti, but after fighting it out, they all agree that it “tastes like magic.”

The ad airs on STV, ITV and Channel 4 across Scotland and the North of England and can be viewed via QR codes on the cans themselves. A social campaign, The Great Taste Debate, offers a year’s supply of Irn-Bru to whoever comes up with the best description of the drink’s flavour.

Ben Whitehouse, director, Stink London, said: “The chance to relaunch Irn-Bru in a new, more cinematic direction, was one I grabbed with eager and dusty hands. Having done a few movie pastiches, my idea was to shoot this as a contemporary Wild West brawl, more Netflix than a slavish homage to the classic western genre. I wanted to create a rich, modern and absurdist look and tone which Irn-Bru could own.”

It was Lowe Howard-Spink who came up with the famous “Made in Scotland from girders” line for Irn-Bru, but the account moved to Leith in the early 90s after Lowes won a place on the Coke roster, and the Scottish agency has been doing a pretty good job on it ever since.

MAA creative scale: 6.5

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