St Luke’s snaps up another one – Beavertown Brewery

London agency St Luke’s has won yet another account – craft beer Beavertown Brewery (below, yes really.). St Luke’s won the business in a four-way remote pitch handled directly by Beavertown.

Beavertown’s brands include Neck Oil, Nanobot, Lazer Crush and Gamma Ray. It was founded in 2011 by Logan Plant.

Beavertown marketing director Tom Rainsford says: “Creativity runs through the veins of Beavertown and St Luke’s are the perfect partners to help spark people’s imagination to bring to life our brand in a way we’ve never done before.”

St Luke’s MD Ed Palmer says: “Beavertown has deservedly been a runaway success with the craft beer community. We’re thrilled to be helping unleash the brand to the wider world, and supping a few Neck Oils along the way, of course.”

Craft beers and some of their advertising have caused quite a stir recently, not always for positive reasons. BrewDog, in particular, has found itself in the dog house. Advertising-wise agencies seem to get a little overexcited when armed with a craft brewery.

St Luke’s highest profile win is probably Ocado – where the TV is very good, the press less so – although it also has the Daily Mail in the wings.

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