Scotland is back in the game as Adidas stokes Euros rivalry

The Auld Enemy rivalry is cranking up as Scotland and England get ready to face one another in the group stages of the Euros in just a couple of weeks’ time.

Adidas, which sponsors the Scotland kit (rival Nike is the England kit sponsor) is stoking the traditional enmity between the teams with a campaign that references Baddiel and Skinner’s “football’s coming home” anthem from Euro 96 by applying some graffiti to its own OOH ads.

Created by ad agency, The Corner, the word “home” is crossed out and replaced with a more Scottish version, “hame.”

It’s Scotland’s first major finals since the World Cup 1998 in France, meaning that there are plenty of Scots in their 20s who have no recollection of a tournament like this, and many more who have waited far too long. Good luck to Nicola Sturgeon if she wants to keep covid restrictions going after it all starts on 11th June.

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